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The power of an hour!

Tired of procrastinating? Here's how I stopped

Published 07/07/22 06:09 PM

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Written by Dean Harries

Everyone's reason for procrastinating is different, and it's important to keep in mind; everyone loses focus now and then.

Procrastinating isn't always a waste of time either. Sometimes it's a little internal notification to, say, take a break to re-focus.

Why did I procrastinate?

I got stuck in the loop of "it takes X amount of time and I only have an hour". The issue was, thinking about that wasted the hour, and in the end, nothing was done.

What made me stop?

I learned 2 things from trying to understand why I was procrastinating.

The first was, breaks are important. I realized it seemed to only happen when I was tired.

The second was, an hour is a long time. We only get 24 of them in a day, and a good chunk of that time we're asleep.

The power of an hour!

Instead of thinking about the hour, whatever I had planned, or projects that needed to be completed - I just started.

It was the starting that led to the finishing - surprising, I know haha. But it worked.

After a little while, those hours started compiling and I was getting more done.

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