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Happy Mothers Day 2022!

Celebrating all the amazing things our mums do to make the word a better place

Published 08/05/22 09:30 AM

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Written by Dean Harries

Mums do a lot of things that go unnoticed, that make our lives so much better. This post is just a personal appreciation from me to my mum and all mums.

We Remember

It might take a few years of growing, but after a while, we take notice and start to realize just how amazing our mums are and every little thing you do for us. We do start to remember, and as strange as it sounds, love you even more.

The little things count

All the little things like giving us a warm hug when we're feeling blue, being there to listen when we vent, your strange jokes haha, and everything else; matters. You mean a lot to us, and if this was basketball, you'd be the MVP!

Thank you Mum

For putting bandaids on not just our physical cuts,
but our emotional ones as well
For never giving up on us.
For everything you do that may seem unnoticed.
For your kind wisdom.
For always being there when we need you.

We love you, Happy Mothers Day!

To all the Dads, Grandads, Grandmas, Aunts and Uncles who play the role of mum, you're special and this day is for you too!

A huge thank you to everyone at and the artists who give people free access to beautiful images.


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