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Automating your social media posts

How to save time and easily automate all your social media posts

Published 24/05/22 08:15 PM

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Written by Dean Harries

Social media is a great way to build an audience for your business or for yourself. The problem is, there are a lot of social media services available now, and more to come.

If you handle all your own or have staff that handle your businesses social media, you'll know how incredibly hard and time consuming it is to keep posting consistently.

Social media automation (also known as planning) reduces daily time spent, helps keep your posts consistent and efficient. Which for business, helps reduce labor costs.

Below are my 4 favorite social media services, how they provide automation and how to automate all your other social media posts at no cost.

Automating your Facebook posts

I'll start with Facebook because the Meta Business Suite, is a truly great tool. Not only can you plan your social media posts, but the analytics are very informative and help to measure how engaging your content is.

To schedule a post, simply navigate to your business page. Click the Meta Business Suite menu and go to "Planner". From there you can plan your social media posts for a week, a month, or as long as you like.

Facebook image 1
Facebook image 1
Facebook image 1

Automating your Twitter posts

Twitter takes a more simple approach to planning. But it still works great and gets the job done.

Click the new Tweet button and get your post ready. Once ready, click the Calendar icon down in the bottom left tool bar. From there you set when you would like your post to send and confirm!

With Twitter, it's probably best to create your content before the new month and on the first of the new month, schedule your posts.

Facebook image 1
Facebook image 1

Automating your Pinterest posts

Pinterest keeps it short and sweet. At the bottom of every new pin, you can choose a later publish date.

Facebook image 1

Automating your LinkedIn posts

Unfortunately, there are a few services like Linkedin that don't offer automation tools, but there are services to work around this. (see below)

Facebook image 1

Automating all your other posts

The amazing people at offer social media automation for tons of services and for free!

Facebook image 1
Facebook image 1

A huge thank you to everyone at and the artists who give people free access to beautiful images.

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