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Patience is important

How I learned patience and why it's so important for ourselves and for business

Published 29/05/22 07:37 PM

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Written by Dean Harries

Patience isn't simple and that's all good

Patience also isn't easy, and that's all good too. It's odd, but it takes patience to develop patience, and that's because building patience takes time.

There's good news though

Not a lot of spectacular things happen over night; there are a few. But for the majority of things, for them to become spectacular, they need time.

Beautiful mountain peaks, delicious food and spiders webs

Mountains take many years to form - but no one worries, we just sit tight and watch it happen. To be fair, I wouldn't recommend you sit and watch a mountain form haha.

10 minute microwave meals or mouth watering, scrumptious 3 hour slow cooked BBQ ribs? Sometimes being patient has some tasty rewards.

And then we have Spiders. Spiders have patience, those webs don't just happen. It takes hard work and time.

In those examples, having patience produces some spectacular results.

How I learned patience

I learned most of my patience, I feel, from software development and people management.

You can rush building a product and get some "working" results. But if you take your time, and develop with patience. All of a sudden it turns the product into a piece of art.

Not to mention it becomes reusable, easy to further develop, and helps reduce training costs if you need to hire a new developer.

The same thing applies when it comes to people. You can rush them, push them, and get a "working" result.

But if time is taken and the person can develop their skills and confidence, they gain more abilities and can add value to the company.

This way, both the company and the person receive the reward from patience.

Staying patient

I'm still young and learning every day. So there is the occasion where I'm not patient. But I usually think about it after and work on it, and that's all we can do.

A huge thank you to everyone at and the artists who give people free access to beautiful images.

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