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Secure your passwords and access them anywhere

Stop using a spreadsheet or notepad on your phone to store your passwords. Keep them secure and access them anywhere!

Published 06/06/22 06:03 PM

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Written by Dean Harries

Why your spreadsheet or notepad aren't secure enough

Storing your passwords in plain text is always a bad idea, especially if you're a business. Unfortunately, this is how most spreadsheets and all notepad text documents are stored.

If your computer, portable hard drive, or phone were to be stolen. Those files are easily accessible and anyone can open and view them.

But don't worry, there's good news!

Keeping your passwords safe is easy

There are 2 main methods passwords can be stored securely. These are online in an encrypted database, or locally in an encrypted database.

Online storage (with a password management provider) is secure, and easily accessible anywhere.

The problem with online password management providers is that they are highly public, making them the target of attacks. Don't worry though, most providers invest heavily in security, and in most cases this is not an issue.

Local storage (depending on the storage location) is always the most secure.

Local storage is the most secure mainly because it's less public, and if you store the database on a computer without internet - you remove the possibility of online attacks completely.

However, this also removes the possibility of accessing your passwords anywhere.

Online password management, the easy way with Bitwarden

Bitwarden is great, secure, very easy to use and accessible on all devices. To create a Bitwarden account, and secure your passwords, sign up here;

Bitwarden welcome screen

Local password management, with KeePassXC (For Windows)

KeePassXC is highly secure (depending on the master password you use) and my favorite password manager. I've been using it for almost 8 years now!

To create your database, and secure your passwords, download the software from

If you use Mega, OneDrive, Google Drive, or another online storage provider, you can access your KeePassXC database remotely with

Keepassxc ScreenshotsKeePassXC login screen
Keepassxc ScreenshotsKeePassXC database

KeePassDroid (For Android)

To access your KeePassXC database from your android phone, simply download the KeePassDroid app here.

Once installed, you can access your database from your online storage provider - if they aren't available, you can download your database to your phone and access it locally.

KeePassDroid logo

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